Welcome to Giyani Borehole Drilling

Welcome to Giyani Borehole Drilling

Giyani drilling has been in existence since 1986, our company is best known for our high percentage boreholes and water success. At present, Giyani drilling owns and operates 6 x 25bar drill rigs with the capacity to complete any service with grate ease.

Our mission:

To grow through all activities and operations. To successfully do this we will:

  • Conduct our business in a honest and reliable manner
  • Constantly seek growth opportunities
  • Care for the environment
  • Ensure professional attention at all times

Our services:

  • Air percussion water drilling
  • Electric pump installations
  • Pressure pump installations
  • Tank installations
  • PVC casing installations
  • Steel casing installations
  • Manhole covers

We operate in:

  • Bungeni , Elim, Malamulele, Vuwani, Oliefantshoek, Magoro, Roterdam
  • Mamaila, Masakona, Blink Water, Modjadjiskloof, Moekesti, Magla Boning
  • Hartebees Fontein, Kondtanoni, Basani, Ka-rawanna Nkena, Machele
  • Ka-ngowe, Nkomo, Fyeboom, Ndi Ndoni, Homu, Thomo, Muyexe, Mtiti
  • Ka-mphambo, Mavhulani, Tshino, Ha-manavhela, Phaphazela,
  • Levuvhu, Makumeke

Contact us

Cell: 073 337 0640
E-mail: cat.vanderwalt@yahoo.com


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